Mommy Makeover

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If you have recently given birth, you must have noticed that your belly is simply not the same. In fact, you may even consider a treatment that will help restore the contour of your belly to per-pregnancy shape and look. And while you do your research, you will notice that some women opt for SmartLipo while others get a tummy tuck. This can lead to a dilemma as to which treatment option is best for you. So let us help you shed some light on the matter.

Many people believe that body contouring is nothing more than a liposuction procedure performed on various areas of the body. While it is true that liposuction can be performed on many areas of the body, it liposuction grouped together with a number of other procedures that is what is actually referred to as body contouring, and the procedures are far more comprehensive and far more effective than liposuction could be alone.

If you are not clear about the difference between mommy makeover surgery and liposuction and whether liposuction surgery is part of a mommy makeover, we will clear it all up for you in the following paragraphs. In general, liposuction surgery and mommy makeover surgery are two different procedures, however, often a liposuction treatment is, in fact, part of a mommy makeover. Here are the details.