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liposuction stats and data san diego carlsbad california ccosmetic surgeonRecently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released their comprehensive data sheet on the stats and figures for plastic surgery procedures in 2017. On a whole, the entire plastic surgery industry saw an increase in 2017 with nearly every surgical and minimally-invasive procedure seeing increases as well.

smartlipo fat reduction san diego california cosmetic surgeonAt Avalon Lipo Aesthetics we offer multiple options for reshaping your body so you can get back the figure you once had, or to achieve the figure you desire. When you have areas of stubborn fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise, our SmartLipo procedure may be just the treatment to help you realize your goals.

lipo for valentine's day Yes we know, you and most other people have made a new year’s resolution to be more fit, to get rid of unwanted fat, to exercise, but life gets in the way. Don’t feel bad. We all need help sometimes.

If you have recently given birth, you must have noticed that your belly is simply not the same. In fact, you may even consider a treatment that will help restore the contour of your belly to per-pregnancy shape and look. And while you do your research, you will notice that some women opt for SmartLipo while others get a tummy tuck. This can lead to a dilemma as to which treatment option is best for you. So let us help you shed some light on the matter.

donutAre you ready for the holiday feasts, delicious foods and festivities? Not so fast. According to research the average weight gain over the four-week holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas is a shocking 5lbs. This is the average. Most people gain more. Imagine what this does to your body.

In order to lose weight, individuals must follow a simple equation of eating well and exercising on a regular basis. However, the concept of simple weight loss is just feasible for many. Women who have had children or individuals who have lost an excessive amount of weight may find it difficult to tone trouble areas or achieve smooth skin even with healthy eating and regular exercise.

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