What are the Body Contouring Options for My Lower Body?

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body contouring liposuction for lower body san diego cosmetic surgeonAs the summer months draw near in San Diego, it’s the perfect time to think about getting your body ready for the beach and wearing fewer clothes. While you may be dieting and exercising in anticipation of wearing that bikini, there are certain areas of the body which can store excess fat—especially the lower body.

At Avalon Lipo & Aesthetics we offer many body contouring options to address areas on your lower body. We understand that these parts of the body tend to store stubborn fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Our highly-skilled surgeon Dr. Tirgari has extensive experience helping patients achieve their goals. By using the latest techniques and equipment, Dr. Tirgari and all the staff at Avalon Lipo & Aesthetics work to give you the figure you desire.

We offer body contouring options to address these areas of the lower body:

Through various methods of liposuction, we can eliminate the excess fat that is stored in these areas to give you a leaner and trimmer figure. It’s important to know that liposuction is not a weight loss solution, and the best candidates for these procedures are at or near their ideal weight prior to the treatment.

If you have excess fat in these areas of your body that you would like to address and wish to learn more, contact us today at 619-727-4495 to schedule your complimentary consultation. We happily serve the areas of San Diego and Carlsbad, California.