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Hips Liposuction

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Since fat deposits can often not be reduced through exercise, it can be very frustrating to see that no matter how much time you spend working out in the gym; your hips are still not showing significant improvement.

If you are losing hope in achieving toned and sexy hips, then our liposuction surgeon Dr. Reza Tirgari can help you. Call 619-494-3678 to schedule a consultation in San Diego or Carlsbad.

Why Can't I Get Rid of Hip Fat?

The fat on the hips is largely controlled by genetics, making it harder to lose. If you’ve done every workout technique to make them slimmer, then it’s about time that you try laser liposuction, also called SmartLipo. Aside from reducing fat deposits, this procedure will also help you achieve tighter and firmer skin and eliminate most of the cellulite.

Dr. Tirgari is experienced in performing laser liposuction to deliver safe and better results as compared to the traditional liposuction procedure. He also uses the tumescent liposuction technique to lessen the recovery time and minimize the risks and complications after liposuction surgery.

If you have decided to lose the extra fat deposits on your hips, then one of our friendly staff is ready to take your call today from our Carlsbad and San Diego offices. Our staff will schedule you for a consultation with Dr. Tirgari so that he can assess if you are a good fit for hips liposuction.

Hips Liposuction Procedure

Once you’ve been cleared to undergo the procedure, you can ask one companion to be with you during the day of the surgery. You will be conscious during the whole procedure, but you will be given a sedative to help you feel more relaxed while it is being performed.

Dr. Tirgari will administer the local anesthesia on the areas to be treated through small incisions. Once the area is numb, he will start using the cannula with the laser tip to melt the fat deposits by moving the instrument back and forth under the top layers of your skin. The fatty oil will then be suctioned out of your body.

Any remaining fat will be processed through the body’s natural detoxification system through the liver. The liposuction of the hips surgery is completed in less than an hour, at which time you are able to have someone take you home.

What to Expect from Recovery

You may feel some minimal discomfort on the treated areas after the procedure. Dr. Tirgari can prescribe you some pain medications to help ease any discomfort. Although most of our patients are able to ease any discomfort with over-the-counter pain medicine, we understand that everyone’s tolerance for pain is different, and we are here to serve your needs.

There will also be some swelling, but will subside within a few days. To ease swelling, you will be asked to rest, take your meds and wear a post-operative garment, which will also protect the treatment area.

You can perform your daily tasks easily, but it is advised that you rest for one to two days and refrain from any vigorous physical activities. In the days after your hips liposuction, we will see you on a regular basis and continue to advise you on the post-operative and after care instructions. If you are concerned with maintaining your stunning results, please don’t hesitate to talk to us about healthy lifestyle choices.

You will see your results right away, which will continue to improve over several weeks and even months. Then you can visit us to get your after pictures taken and see the amazing results.

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Your Candidacy

Hips liposuction is recommended for clients who are close to their ideal body weight but are having difficulty in targeting the fat deposits on their hips by exercising or dieting. Patients who are obese, have serious medical conditions and those who have clotting problems are not advised to have the hips liposuction due to the increased risk of complications that may arise from having the procedure.

Your safety is of upmost importance, so please be sure to disclose your medical history at the time of your consultation. We want to make sure you qualify for this surgery. If you are not deemed a candidate, we will help you get there when and if we can. We care about our patients just like we would care for our own family members.

Your Consultation

Call us today at our offices in Carlsbad and San Diego at 619-494-3678 so we can schedule you for your initial consultation with Dr. Tirgari. Please be ready to discuss your concerns and your medical history. We will also talk about your lifestyle choices and offer you a range of treatment options that fit within your desires and your finances.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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