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Rediscover Your Pre-Baby Body

Giving birth can be considered one of the most challenging yet rewarding things that a woman has to endure. Aside from the new responsibilities and emotional adaptations that a woman has to undergo once she becomes a mother, she will also experience a lot of physical changes. While some mothers can bring back their slim figure after giving birth, some mommies have difficulty shedding the extra fat that they gained during their pregnancy.

If you want to lose the extra fat deposits on your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and hips, then our San Diego mommy makeover using liposuction is your answer. Learn about your body contouring options by calling (619) 494 - 3678 to schedule a consultation.

Understanding the Mommy Makeover

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The Ideal Candidate

It is recommended that a mommy undergo this procedure at least six months after delivery. Also, it is recommended for those who do not wish to get pregnant anymore, since the abdominal muscles that will be tightened during the procedure can separate during repeat pregnancies. This procedure is also best for women who are close to their ideal body weight but struggle with specific post-pregnancy fat deposits.

When you come to see us for your consultation, we will be able to determine whether you qualify for the mommy makeover.

The Benefits of SmartLipo

At Avalon Lipo & Aesthetics, we have a perfect solution for mommies who wish to get a slimmer and more toned abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs. Since a woman gains an average of 25 to 35 pounds of extra weight during pregnancy, she is more prone to having saggy skin in these problem areas. Our advanced Smart Lipo procedure also addresses sagging skin.

The only discomfort that you will feel will be coming from the administration of the anesthetic agent. After that, the procedure will be done with no discomfort at all. Dr. Tirgari will melt the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of the skin using a fine laser and suctioning instrument, called a cannula. Once the fat deposits are melted, they will be suctioned out of the body.

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Local Anesthesia

During the performance of the procedure, you will be given a sedative so that you can relax throughout the procedure. Dr. Tirgari will only be using local anesthesia on the areas that you struggle with, including your:

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Offering You Customized Care

Each mommy makeover is tailored to your specific needs and areas of concern. Some mommies struggle with the typical hips, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks post-pregnant fat, while others only struggle with one area or gain weight in the upper body.

But, because liposuction surgery can be performed on essentially any part of the body, we will draft a custom plan for you to address all of those concerns. If you need to undergo liposuction to address multiple body areas, we may perform the mommy makeover in several sessions. It all depends on your unique needs and we will need to see you to determine your specific course of treatment. Many times we can get rid of all the extra fat with just one mommy makeover treatment in our San Diego or Carlsbad facility.

The Cost of Your Mommy Makeover

The cost of a mommy makeover in San Diego at Lipo & Aesthetics varies in price due to each patient's needs and wants. The price will also depend on a number of factors including the procedures involved, surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fees, hospital fees, and post-op care. Dr. Tirgari will discuss your options and provide you with a personalized price estimate.

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Our Mommy Makeover Results

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Recovering After Your Mommy Makeover

Likewise, your San Diego mommy makeover recovery will depend on your unique treatment and how much fat we get rid of for you. In general, you will be able to go home the same day, where you will rest for three to four days and wear surgical garments to aid in healing and skin tightening after the procedure.

You may return to light work and physical activities within five to seven days. However, if we are addressing only one area of the body this time will be reduced to one to three days. As mentioned, each mommy makeover surgery is highly personalized. Our doctors and nurses will care for you and see you on a regular basis after treatment to ensure you are healing well, feeling well and you are seeing your results right away.

Mommy Makeover Frequently Asked Questions

How many sizes can you lose with a mommy makeover?

How many inches can be taken off your waist after a mommy makeover with liposuction?

What BMI do you need for liposuction?

How many sizes can you lose with a mommy makeover?

Many women find that they slim down by one to two sizes or more. It ultimately depends on the particular procedures involved.

How many inches can be taken off your waist after a mommy makeover with liposuction?

The amount of inches lost from the waist ultimately depends on how much fat can be safely removed during the procedure. Some patients may notice subtle differences while others may see sizable ones (several inches).

What BMI do you need for liposuction?

Patients most often recommend that patients be at or around a BMI of 30. Being at a BMI higher than 30 can put one at risk for complications during the procedure.

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