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Effortless Body Contouring at Avalon Lipo & Aesthetics

Avalon Lipo & Aesthetics is committed to the most advanced treatment modalities, and we’re excited to be offering our patients a number of ways to enjoy a whole host of added benefits when enjoying your liposuction results. Body contouring with the VelaShape procedure is a great way to non-surgically address problem areas, so you can enjoy a more toned and fit look with minimal downtime and virtually no recovery period. Ready to learn more about what VelaShape can do for you? Reach out to Avalon Lipo & Aesthetics at our San Diego location and speak with a helpful member of our team to set up your initial consultation today.

The Ideal VelaShape Candidate

Since this is a non-surgical procedure, there is no contraindication for having this treatment. However, it is still best if you consult with Dr. Tirgari first so that you can be sure that you are a good fit for the VelaShape Fat Reduction. Keep in mind that this treatment is not meant for weight loss. This is only done to achieve a more contoured body shape.

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Why We Love VelaShape Body Contouring

During your initial consultation, you can discuss your goals with your surgeon and you can have the procedure on the same day if you feel comfortable doing so. You’ll also get the chance to explore all of the procedure’s many benefits, so you can decide whether or not this is the ideal treatment choice for you and your goals. Some of the advantages of having the VelaShape procedure in San Diego include:

  • Safe and virtually painless
  • No anesthesia administration
  • No downtime after the procedure.
  • You can immediately go back to your regular activities.
  • Effective for toning and reshaping the body
  • Reduced risk for surgical complications
  • Reduced risk for infection
  • No incisions and sutures
  • Can be done in a few minutes

The VelaShape Procedure

VelaShape Fat Reduction utilizes the elōs™ technology, which combines the power of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF), Vacuum and Mechanical Massage, and Infrared Light Energy. Dr. Tirgari will use vacuum suction and mechanical rollers to smooth out the skin of the target area and to deliver a carefully controlled amount of heat to increase the fat metabolism in the target area.

The procedure will result in increased lymphatic drainage and a reduction in the size of the fat chambers under the skin. This means your body will get rid of the fat and cellulite cells on its own after being triggered to do so by the VelaShape device. You will not need any recovery time after having the procedure, and you’ll be free to return to your regular activities once it’s over.

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After Your VelaShape Procedure

After several days, you will see the gradual smoothing and tightening effects of the VelaShape Fat Reduction procedure. The target area will appear to be smoother, and firmer and will have less cellulite. Circumferential fat reduction will also be noticeable. The results will continue to improve and repeat sessions will deliver the best results possible. The number of treatment sessions will vary from one patient to another and greatly depends on the treatment area as well as the amount of circumferential fat and cellulite that will need to be treated.

Impressive Results with VelaShape BodyContouring

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Are you ready to learn more about what VelaShape Body Contouring can do for you? This is just one of the many exciting treatment options that we offer here at Avalon Lipo and Aesthetics, and we’re excited to have earned a reputation as San Diego’s premiere destination for all things body contouring and liposuction. To learn more about what we can do for you, simply reach out to us at our San Diego office and set up your consultation with a helpful member of our team today.

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