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Are you ready for the holiday feasts, delicious foods and festivities? Not so fast. According to research the average weight gain over the four-week holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas is a shocking 5lbs. This is the average. Most people gain more. Imagine what this does to your body.

To keep you from getting fat this holiday season and focusing on other New Year’s resolutions than losing the extra pounds, we have some fat-busting tips to keep in mind as you indulge the many feasts with your family.

Plan Your Grocery Shopping Trip:

The grocery-shopping trip for the holidays can be a real killer. You see the sweets, the cakes, the chocolates and you overdo it. Make a conservative shopping list before you get there and stick with it.

Count Your Calories:

500 extra calories a day over the holiday season will make you fat. Count your calories and bring it down to 100 to 200 extra calories a day for the holidays. This will make a huge difference.

Drink Carefully:

Avoid excessive beer drinking and creamy liquors. Instead, enjoy some quality wine and, if you must go hard, drink vodka mixed with soda water. Vodka will only add 50 calories to your daily intake when compared to other types of alcoholic beverages that contain sugar. In short, avoid cocktails with coke, sprite, orange juice and other sugary mixers.

Adopt The Two-Sweets Rule:

When offered sweets, always take two. Eat one and keep the other in front of you. This way when you are offered yet another one, you can say that you are still working on the one in front of you. Take it to go and save it for another day or start a box of extra sweets and share them with your colleagues at work.

Walk It Off:

If you slip up and have 500 or more calories, walk it off. Walk vigorously. This can burn 300 to 400 calories an hour. Don’t indulge in sweets and park yourself in front of the TV, we know you are tempted. Get out, walk it off.

Do Enjoy Your Christmas Dinner:

One meal will not make you fat. So if you are going to go all out and indulge, do it for Christmas dinner. You are free to eat all you want as long as you want. Get back on track the next day.

For additional body sculpting tips, please re-visit our blog. We treat patients from all walk of life who are in search of effective weight loss solutions, including laser liposuction treatments. Please contact us today for more information and stay healthy and slim this holiday season.

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