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Liposuction and Mommy Makeover?

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If you are not clear about the difference between mommy makeover surgery and liposuction and whether liposuction surgery is part of a mommy makeover, we will clear it all up for you in the following paragraphs. In general, liposuction surgery and mommy makeover surgery are two different procedures, however, often a liposuction treatment is, in fact, part of a mommy makeover. Here are the details.

A mommy makeover is referred to any cosmetic treatment that is performed on a woman after pregnancy to address the various physical changes of that pregnancy. A mommy makeover treatment is generally custom tailored to the individual patient, as each woman faces different physical changes as result of pregnancy. However, usually, most women will have some kind of baby fat and stubborn areas of cellulite or fat deposits after pregnancy, which is why liposuction is used to address these concerns. In that sense a liposuction procedure if often part of a mommy makeover treatment. A mommy makeover treatment will generally consist of several procedures to simultaneously address a woman’s physical changes after pregnancy. For example, a mommy makeover may consist of liposuction surgery, breast lift, cellulite removal and/or circumferential fat reduction. Each mommy makeover San Diego patient receives a custom tailored treatment that will address her unique needs and get her body back into per-pregnancy shape.

Liposuction surgery on its own, is a fat-removal procedure of which there are many types. Liposuction surgery does not have to be part of a mommy makeover and can be performed on both men and women on any part of the body where stubborn fat deposits reside. The most effective and the least invasive liposuction surgery technique is laser liposuction, often also called tumescent liposuction or even Smart Lipo. Our Dr. Tirgari offers all types of leas-invasive liposuction including the Smart Lipo San Diego procedure and laser liposuction San Diego treatments.

If you have recently become a new mom and are not planning on having any more children in the near future, than you might be a good candidate for mommy makeover. Your mommy makeover is customized treatment by a cosmetic surgeon that will address all of your unique needs.

On the other hand, if you suffer from stubborn fat deposits regardless of whether you have given birth or not, a liposuction surgery alone can help. Liposuction reduces fat deposits on any area of the body where there are stubborn pockets of fat which have become resistant to diet and exercise.

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