Liposuction is performed to remove unwanted fat cells from isolated areas of the body, creating a more contoured physique. Most people recover quickly and experience only mild discomfort, but you may have concerns about being left with loose skin after undergoing lipo.

Liposuction only removes stubborn fatty deposits, not excess skin. Depending on your skin’s elasticity, scarring or stretch marks, and the amount of fat removed, you need to ensure you undergo the right type of liposuction procedure.

Choose advanced lipo for better results.

SmartLipo or Laser Lipo creates a smoother result, as these advanced treatments have the added benefit of tightening skin.

Tips and tricks

You can be proactive, and take certain actions to help your skin tighten after a lip procedure:

  • Wear your compression garment for at least 4 to 6 weeks after your procedure. This will help reduce swelling and help your skin readjust to your new body contours. The support from a compression garment will also help relieve any discomfort you experience.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking water will help your body flush toxins and stimulate cell turnover and healing.
  • Do not smoke. Tobacco use causes inflammation. Inflammation is the last thing you want while your body heals after your procedure.
  • Eat healthy foods, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, and exercise. This will trigger natural collagen and elastin production in your skin.
  • Get a massage. Gentle massage improves circulation. Healthy blood flow can help the skin stay strong and help it to retract around your newly reshaped figure.
  • Keep your skin moisturized and exfoliated to trigger faster cell turnover.

The full results of liposuction take time to appear.

Swelling and bruising take time to fully disappear. The results of your lipo body contouring are achieved at about one month. At about the three-month mark, you will reach peak results. If you are left with sagging skin, a skin tightening treatment can be performed

A one-on-one consultation with Dr. Tirgari will help you determine treatment will be most effective – for you. Dr. Tirgari and his rigorously trained staff at Avalon Lipo & Aesthetics are committed to providing every patient with unmatched care and outstanding results. Call our office to schedule your appointment. San Diego (619) 494-3944; or Carlsbad (760) 891-5353.

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