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Many people believe that body contouring is nothing more than a liposuction procedure performed on various areas of the body. While it is true that liposuction can be performed on many areas of the body, it liposuction grouped together with a number of other procedures that is what is actually referred to as body contouring, and the procedures are far more comprehensive and far more effective than liposuction could be alone. Body contouring can reshape areas with excess fat, which is where liposuction comes into play, but the procedure can also address areas with poor muscle tone and areas with excess skin. These procedures are done on women after pregnancy are often referred to as a mommy makeover treatment.

Body contouring is often performed on patients who have undergone major weight loss. This commonly leaves patients with small fat deposits and plenty of extra skin. Excess skin and fat accumulates in different areas depending on a person’s genetic dispositions, as well as exercise and eating habits. This means that body contouring involves multiple techniques to address multiple factors in various patients. Body contouring can include liposuction techniques, tucks, lifts, and a number of other unique procedures, but the ultimate goal is to provide a patient with a revitalized body, a more pleasing shape, and more balanced proportions.

Here in the San Diego area, Dr. Tirgari commonly performs body contouring for both women and men. And while every procedure is unique there are also a few elements that are specific to women and some that are specific to men. Women often prefer to balance fat tissues in the breasts and hips to give a more sensuous figure, while men usually seek more of a fat free frame to better display muscle tone and definition. Liposuction and tucks are of course common for both genders, but so are techniques like fat transfers that allow a patient to remove fat from an area with excess fat issues and apply their this fat to areas that can use more volume – commonly the face, breasts, and buttocks. Fat transfer is a popular alternative to implants and fillers because the fat has a higher uptake rate than dermal fillers, and is natural and almost never rejected the way synthetic materials sometimes are.

Because of the nature of body contouring the steps necessary to treat any patient will be carefully planned and discussed with the patient until a clear plan is understood. Patents in the Greater San Diego area can call or visit our office person or fill our contact form to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Tirgari.

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